Learning to cope with the loss of a limb or the amputation of your hands, feet, fingers or toes can be incredibly difficult, particularly where this has occurred as the result of an accident for which you were not to blame or a criminal act or terrorist event in which you were an innocent victim.

As well as coming to terms with the physical and psychological trauma of what you have been through, you will also have to overcome the challenges and frustration involved in living life as an amputee and in particular in having to find new ways of doing things you previously took for granted. 

The toll this can take on you and your family can be huge, particularly where you experience complications linked to your amputation that threaten to set you back, such as an infection, blood clots (venous thrombosis), phantom limb pain, neuropathy, diabetes or the onset of depression and anxiety

As you focus on your recovery, it is likely that making a personal injury compensation claim will be the last thing on your mind.  However, where the loss of a limb or other body part was the result of someone else’s negligence, then it is something that you ought to seriously consider, particularly as the money you receive could be put towards aiding your recovery and shoring up your finances.  

Our experienced limb loss and amputation claims lawyers are on hand to guide you through the process of securing the compensation you deserve.  They can also help you to access medical treatment and rehabilitation services, secure funding for home and vehicle adaptations, arrange for you to see a pain management consultant, counsellor and prosthetics specialist and put you in contact with groups like the Limbless Association who can provide much needed practical and emotional support.

Where responsibility for your injuries is admitted at an early stage, it is usually possible to secure a payment on account of the compensation you are likely to receive (known as an interim payment) which can be used to help cover your day to day living expenses to ease the pressure on you while your claim is being processed.  

Limb Loss and Amputation Claim

Our personal injury lawyers can help you to make a limb loss and amputation claim for compensation to reflect: 

  • the physical pain and psychological impact your injury has caused;
  • the impact it has had on your quality of life, including your ability to pursue your hobbies;
  • any out of pocket expenses you have incurred, for example through travel costs to attend medical appointments;
  • the cost of home and vehicle adaptations;
  • the cost of any specialist equipment you require, including a privately sourced state-of-the-art prosthetic;
  • the cost of any ongoing care or medical support you will require; and
  • any loss of earnings or pension entitlement, including future losses where you will be unable to return to your previous employment.

We can deal with a range of claims, from finger amputation resulting from an injury causing necrosis to an above or below the knee amputation resulting from damage caused to body tissues by a car accident, gun shot wounds or severe burns.

Personal Injury Compensation

A compensation claim may be possible in any case where a limb has been severed, or has had to be removed through surgery, as a result of a traumatic injury sustained in an accident, violent crime, terrorist attack or military accident for which you, or a loved one you are claiming for, were not to blame.  

Accidents are by far the most common source of claims, particularly road traffic accidents involving motorcyclists or pedestrians and accidents at work involving heavy machinery.

In most cases, the person at fault for the accident will be covered by insurance and so the cost of your claim will be met by an underwriter.  However, injuries resulting from a criminal or terrorist event are likely to be covered by the government under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. 

Geographic Restrictions

The lawyers at Step Legal Solicitors can deal with any case involving an injury sustained in an accident which took place in England or Wales or which occurred as a result of an accident abroad where your trip was part of a package holiday booked through a UK tour operator. 

In criminal injuries or terrorism cases, we can provide legal representation for injuries sustained in England, Wales or Scotland and certain other countries covered under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

Compensation amount

The amount of compensation you receive will depend on a number of factors, including how you were injured, the degree of amputation you suffered, whether you have lost one or multiple limbs or other body parts and the impact your injuries have had on your life and are likely to continue to have going forward.  Awards can vary from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pounds for a severe injury

Time Limits

In most cases you will have three years in which to bring a compensation claim.  However, the time limit will be longer where you are claiming on behalf of a child or someone who is mentally incapacitated.  Conversely, the time limit will be shorter where a claim is being submitted to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme or under the rules which govern accidents abroad.

To give your claim the best chance of success, you need to seek legal advice as soon as possible.  

Why choose Step Legal Solicitors?

Our lawyers are serious injury solicitors who have been supporting accident victims for over 40 years and who have a proven track record in securing impressive levels of compensation, particularly for people who have suffered devastating or life-changing injuries.  

Our service levels are consistently ranked as outstanding by clients through a growing list of positive testimonials and our commitment and expertise in handling personal injury claims is evidenced through our membership of The Law Society Personal Injury Accreditation Scheme and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers

We are particularly respected for our work with clients with complex needs, including those who now experience profound psychological difficulties as a result of the traumatic events they have been through, including many who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.  

We are also well-known for taking on claims that other lawyers have dismissed as having no chance of being successful and in providing a second opinion on the apportionment of blame following an accident investigation and on proposed compensation payments where the amount offered in settlement of a claim appears too low. 

However, what really sets us apart from other personal injury solicitors is our commitment to go above and beyond in our efforts to make your life as an amputee as comfortable and fulfilling as possible, whether that is by pushing the person to blame for your injuries to fund private medical care or a high performance prosthetic to aid your independent living or by ensuring you receive as much compensation as possible to safeguard your financial future. 

We will also advise you on the use of a personal injury trust where your right to continue receiving state benefits might be compromised by a compensation payment and on the advisability of updating your will to ensure that, when you die, the money you have received goes to your loved ones. 

Finally, to service the needs of the growing Polish Community within Crewe and the surrounding areas, we employ a Polish paralegal to assist with interpretation during meetings and with the translation of documents and medical reports.

Legal Fees

We understand that the payment of legal fees can be a big worry, but the way personal injury claims are funded means that this should not be a concern.

Finding out if you are eligible to make a claim will cost you nothing as we offer a free consultation. Thereafter, most claims can be funded under an insurance policy or via a no win, no fee arrangement, meaning that there will be no financial risk to you in the event your claim is unsuccessful.  

To find out more, take a look at our costs information factsheet.


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Any questions?

We understand that there will be many questions you want answering before deciding to proceed with a personal injury claim.  Answers to some of the most common questions we are asked can be found below in our frequently asked questions guide.  For anything else, please pick up the phone and give us a call – our lawyers in Crewe are waiting to help. 


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