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Badly Injured Motorcyclist Secures £30,000

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Badly Injured Motorcyclist Secures £30,000 Compensation with the help of the Step Legal Solicitors Serious Injury Team 

When Pawel Grabowski went out on his motorbike on a sunny day in the Autumn of 2017 he had no idea that within 15 minutes of leaving home he would be involved in an accident that would leave him severely injured and in need of major surgery. 

Yet this is what happened when a car he was overtaking pulled out without warning, clipping his knee and in so doing injuring his kneecap and tearing his anterior cruciate ligament.  

It was a nasty injury that took him nearly a year to recover from and which required him to undergo a complex operation and an intensive course of physiotherapy.  

He was off work for eight months which resulted in a significant loss of earnings and his eventual dismissal from a job he loved.  

With his income significantly reduced, he was forced to raid his life savings to stay afloat and found himself increasingly reliant on the support of his family and friends. 

He had reached crisis point and knew that he had to do something that would help him get his life back on track.  That something was to put in a phone call to us to see if a personal injury compensation claim might be possible.

Why choose Step Legal Solicitors? 

Explaining his reasons for contacting us rather than any other solicitors in Crewe, Mr Grabowski said he had used our services before and knew that we were personal injury specialists with a reputation for dealing with serious injury claims and in most cases on a no win, no fee basis.

He had also heard about our Polish translation facility which we offer free of charge to members of the Polish community for whom English is their second language

The value of using an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Mr Grabowski’s case was assigned to Abid Hussain, an experienced serious injury lawyer and an acknowledged expert in road traffic accident compensation claims.

Having dealt with a number of motorbike accident cases during his 20 year career, Mr Hussain was able to confirm that a claim for compensation could be made and that the amount likely to be due was around £30,000.  

On this basis, Mr Grabowski gave the go-ahead for the case to proceed and a letter of claim was accordingly sent to the car driver’s insurer.  

Responsibility for the accident was initially denied, with the car driver suggesting that what had happened may in fact have been our client’s fault.  This prompted us to issue court proceedings in which we produced statements from a number of people who had witnessed the accident and who were willing to testify that blame for it rested squarely with the driver of the car as a result of them attempting to overtake with no warning and without having first checked that it was safe to do so.

So compelling was the evidence that ultimately the insurer had no choice but to concede that compensation was due and to agree to pay the £30,000 requested. 

In the end, we were able to secure this sum without a formal court hearing which meant that Mr Grabowski received the money significantly quicker than he might otherwise have done and without having to appear before a judge. 

It was a great result, which the client was understandably thrilled with.

Speaking shortly after settlement of the matter, Mr Grabowski said:  

The service I have received from Step Legal Solicitors has been wonderful. 

“I was having an incredibly difficult time when I approached them for help but as a result of their expertise and experience I have managed to recover a significant sum of money which has been invaluable in helping me to get back on my feet again. 

I am truly grateful for what they have been able to achieve and really cannot thank Mr Hussain enough, or the brilliant Agnieszka Kulas who was invaluable in helping to explain everything to me in Polish. 

“It goes without saying that I would recommend Step Legal Solicitors to anyone thinking about bringing a personal injury claim, and indeed I have already personally referred a number of people to them who I know could benefit from their help.


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