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Abid Hussain

Solicitor and Director

Abid is a solicitor who has been helping accident victims claim personal injury compensation and access to medical treatment and rehabilitation services for over twenty years.

He is experienced in dealing with a wide range of personal injury claims, including those arising from road accidents, aviation accidents, accidents at work and accidents in public places.

His expertise lies in dealing with cases involving serious injury, including life-changing spinal injuries, full or partial limb amputation and devastating brain injury where compensation can run into millions of pounds due to anticipated financial loss and long term care costs. He also deals with fatal accident claims.

He is a highly skilled personal injury lawyer with an impressive track record in running successful cases for clients throughout the UK, including for accident victims in Crewe where Step Legal Solicitors are based as well as other areas of Cheshire and the bordering county of Staffordshire.

Abid has many attributes to admire and in particular the empathy he shows to those who come to him for help and his determination to ensure he secures justice for them. 

He has received hundreds of testimonials praising his work, including from other lawyers like Suber Akther, principal litigation counsel with Siemens plc, who describes him as ‘one of the best personal injury litigators around’,  Will Waldron QC of Exchange Chambers who describes him as ‘a solicitor of real experience with the ability to combine legal acumen with charm and common sense’ and Peter Forster Dean of Forster Dean Solicitors who describes him as ‘one of the most determined solicitors it has been my honour to encounter’ and who consistently ‘achieves excellent results.

Abid’s recent successes include securing £800,000 for a mother of two who had suffered devastating spinal injuries in a road traffic accident and recovering over £100,000 for a young woman also injured on the road when her car was from hit from behind damaging her neck, back and shoulders and leaving her with stress and anxiety.

Abid Hussain

Solicitor and Director

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Department : Personal Injury Department
Member of : The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers