Tips For Choosing A Conveyancer And What We Can Bring To The Table 

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According to recent research, an increasing number of people are shopping around when it comes to choosing a property conveyancer. If you are one of them, then there are several things we would urge you to consider before making your selection. 

Among these are the quality of the service you are likely to receive, whether the price you have been quoted is the price you will actually pay, the ease with which you can meet or speak with your appointed advisor and the degree of confidence you have that if a problem arises they have the skills and experience needed to fix it and keep your sale or purchase on track.  

As the head of our residential conveyancing department Anees Khan explains:

There have been too many reported cases recently of clients rushing to instruct the cheapest conveyancer that they can find, only to then be disappointed when the reality of the service that this has bought them hits home.  This is particularly true among those who have been tempted to go down the cut price online route, but who have not then considered the potential risk of receiving a highly impersonalised service delivered by individuals that do not hold the level of expertise you might expect.

At Step Legal Solicitors, we want you to understand what we will deliver when you ask us to deal with a conveyancing matter on your behalf and to appreciate how this compares with the service offered by some of our local and not so local competitors. 

Dedicated Advisors

When you entrust us with a property transaction, we will do all that we can to ensure that it is dealt with by the same person throughout. We also promise that you will have the chance to meet with your advisor face to face and that you will be given their direct dial telephone number and email address to make keeping in touch with them as easy as possible. 

Unlike some firms, we will not allow your matter to get lost in a sea of other cases and neither will we lose track of the person assigned to deal with your transaction and ensure it is driven forward. 

Conveyancers Who Know Their Stuff

We also promise that if you choose to use our service, the advisor we appoint to deal with your matter will be legally qualified and that they will possess the skills and expertise needed to ensure that things proceed as planned and that they can deal with any problems that may arise. 

This is something you might assume happens as a matter of course in conveyancing firms, but you will be surprised how many providers are now routinely using unqualified staff to carry out the bulk of their conveyancing work and the number of times matters have to be paused while the advice of a solicitor is sought because an issue crops up that such staff are not trained to handle.  

Insider Knowledge 

As local solicitors, we also pledge that your appointed advisor will be familiar with Crewe and the surrounding area and that they will therefore be in a position to anticipate many of the hoops you will need to jump through to get your transaction over the line and which may not be immediately apparent to another provider. This includes the need to commission specialist reports when buying in certain parts of Crewe given our industrial past and the need to be prepared to answer detailed enquiries about HS2 and in particular the proposed siting of the HS2 hub. 

Sophisticated Case Management Tools

To support us in keeping ahead of the game and ensuring our clients have a positive user experience, we have invested heavily in technology based solutions and in particular in a computerised case management system which:

  • enables us to see at a glance what is happening on a matter at any given time; 
  • helps us to ensure related transactions are linked and synchronised, which can be useful where there is a long or complicated chain;
  • supports us in providing clients with regular and detailed updates;
  • generates warnings when something appears to be amiss, enabling us to take swift and decisive action to avoid potential problems arising; and
  • automatically highlights impending deadlines so that key dates are not missed and the vast majority of transactions are able to complete on time. 

We are not alone in buying in such capabilities, but consider ourselves to be one of the most forward thinking and innovative conveyancing firms of our size operating in the North West.

So What About Costs?

You might expect a service like ours to be prohibitively expensive, but we are actually extremely competitive on price and fare well when compared to other conveyancing providers within the Cheshire and Staffordshire area.  In addition, the price we quote is the price you will pay as our service has been designed so it can be delivered for a pre-agreed fixed fee.

Not only does this approach comply with the pricing transparency rules by which all solicitors offering residential conveyancing services are now bound, it also ensures that you know in advance the costs that you are likely to incur so there are no unexpected or nasty surprises. 

To find out more, why not enter your details in our easy to use conveyancer costs calculator which will give you an instant, no obligation quotation. 

Need Our Help?

For further information about our residential conveyancing service and what sets us apart from the crowd, please call Anees on 0800 1956412 or send an email to

Important Side Note On The Impact Of Covid-19

As conveyancing specialists, we are keeping a close eye on the developing situation concerning the government’s strategy for ensuring the coronavirus remains under control.  We are following official guidance on the management of conveyancing transactions while the transmission rate remains relatively high and have updated all of our standard contract documents to ensure sellers and buyers are adequately protected should we be hit by a second wave of the virus or find that we need to apply the brakes to a current transaction due to one of the parties having to self-isolate.