According to statistics produced by the Health and Safety Executive over half a million people on average suffer a workplace accident each year.  While some of the injuries caused are only minor, there are a high proportion that are serious and could lead to permanent disability or even death.  This includes crush injuries resulting in limb amputation, falls while working at height causing a devastating brain or back injury and exposure to dangerous substances like asbestos which trigger the development of mesothelioma or some other life threatening industrial disease.

Coming to terms with the consequences of an accident at work can be difficult but it is a process that can be made easier by making a personal injury claim to compensate you for what you have been through.  By making a claim you can secure a financial settlement which recognises the pain and suffering the injury has caused as well as any financial losses you have experienced, including a drop in wages or an increase in outgoings.  It may also bring other benefits too, like an offer by your employer’s insurer to pay for any further medical or rehabilitation treatment you may need to aid your recovery or to fund counselling sessions to help you cope with any psychological damage, including post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety or depression.


Workplace Accidents Claims:

Our personal injury lawyers can help you to make a claim for a range of workplace accidents, including:

  • construction site accidents;
  • warehouse accidents;
  • factory accidents;
  • transport accidents;
  • farm accidents;
  • mining accidents;
  • quarry accidents;
  • garage accidents;
  • restaurant accidents; and
  • office accidents.

We can help you to make a compensation claim to reflect:

  • the physical and psychological pain and suffering your injury has caused;
  • the impact it has had on your quality of life;
  • out of pocket expenses, such as prescription charges and travelling costs to attend medical appointments;
  • loss of current and future earnings or pension entitlement;
  • the cost of any equipment you have or will have to buy to help you cope; and
  • the cost of providing you with immediate and longer term care.

Where you are a relative claiming compensation for a fatal accident in which a loved one has died, you will usually be able to claim for your grief, any medical expenses incurred before death, funeral costs and the loss of any financial support they provided.

In the case of serious injury or death, we can also put you in touch with a range of national and regional support groups able to provide you with the practical and emotional support you will need as you try to come to terms with what has happened.  These groups include the Spinal Injuries Association, the brain injury association Headway, the Limbless Association, the burns and scars charity Changing Faces, Grief Journey UK and Care for the Family.


Personal Injury Compensation

A work accident compensation claim may be possible for any accident resulting in a work injury for which you or your loved one were not to blame.  This includes those occurring because of:

  • a slip, trip or fall;
  • being crushed by machinery, a vehicle or a heavy load;
  • lifting heavy equipment;
  • being knocked over by a forklift truck or other works vehicle;
  • getting your hair, clothing or hands caught in a machine;
  • coming into contact with a corrosive substance;
  • exposure to excessive noise resulting in hearing loss;
  • excessive sun exposure resulting in skin cancer;
  • exposure to asbestos resulting in mesothelioma;
  • exposure to recurrent tasks resulting in repetitive strain injury or vibration white finger;
  • electrocution; or
  • an explosion or fire.

We can also help to highlight poor work practices to try to avoid others being injured in a similar accident, for example by encouraging your employer to improve their process for carrying out safety risk assessments, to provider better personal protective equipment and to ensure faulty equipment is replaced quickly or introduce a better manual handling training programme.


Compensation Amount

The amount of compensation you receive will depend on the severity of your injury and the impact it has had on you.  A minor injury from which you quickly recover and suffer no financial loss may result in a payment of a few thousand pounds whereas a serious injury resulting in the loss of a limb or severe burns could secure you a payment running into tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds.


Time limits

You will generally have three years from the date of injury to make a compensation claim or, where you were under 18 at the time the injury occurred, three years from the date you turned 18, i.e. until you are 21.  Longer time limits will apply in the case of fatal accidents or those leading to the development of an industrial injury which may not become apparent for many years after the accident occurred.  An extension to the usual time limit may also be possible where you have been prevented from making a claim because of a severe mental or physical health condition.

Failing to seek legal advice early can result in you losing the right to compensation so it is important that you speak to us as soon as possible.


Why choose Step Legal Solicitors?

Our lawyers are accident claims specialists who act exclusively for the victims of personal injury.

We have been handling claims on behalf of employees for many years and have an impressive track record in achieving great results, including for people who have been told by other solicitors that their case is hopeless or who have been offered an inadequate compensation settlement amount.

Recent successes achieved by our team include:

  • recovering £67,000 for a lady who suffered a shoulder injury when a heavy box fell from an incorrectly stacked cage and hit her; and
  • securing £550,000 for a gentleman who suffered multiple fractures to his ankle when struck by a forklift truck, which required internal fixation to repair and left him with serious psychological trauma.

Our services are rated highly by clients and many people who come to us for help do so on the basis of personal recommendation.  You can read some of the lovely reviews we have received here: client testimonials.

We are members of The Law Society Personal Injury Accreditation Scheme, which is only open to lawyers with a demonstrably high level of knowledge, skills, experience and practice in personal injury claims.   We are also members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, a not for profit organisation representing injured people and championing their rights to justice.


Legal Fees

We offer a free initial, no obligation consultation which means that it will cost you nothing to find out if you could make a claim.  We also offer insurance backed no win, no fee funding for most cases which means that if you decide to go ahead there will be no financial risk to you as you will not have to pay us anything unless your claim is successful.   Read our cost information factsheet for more details.



Our offices are based in Crewe, about a 10 minute walk from the mainline train station.  We have a carpark to the rear of our premises and disabled access with a ground floor meeting room.  For clients unable to travel we can usually arrange a home visit.

We cover a wide area outside of Crewe, including the Cheshire towns of Northwick, Sandbach, Macclesfield and Nantwich, together with much of Staffordshire including Stoke-on-Trent.


Polish Clients

We regularly undertake work for the Polish community and employ a Polish paralegal, Agnieszka Kulas, to assist with interpretation during meetings and to translate documents.


Any questions?

Our lawyers in Crewe will take care of every aspect of your personal injury claim, from assessing the severity of your injuries and ensuring you receive any necessary treatment to contacting the person or organisation responsible for the accident in which you or your loved one were hurt and securing an appropriate compensation payment.

We have produced a frequently asked questions guide to explain more about the legal process of making a claim.



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