As a motorcyclist you are far more likely to be killed in a road traffic accident than any other type of road user. You are also more likely to sustain serious injuries, even when wearing full protective gear. The consequences of being involved in a motorbike accident can therefore be extremely severe.

Where the accident was not your fault, it may be possible for you to claim compensation for the injuries you have suffered and for any financial losses you have incurred, including loss of earnings. You may also be able to claim for the cost of any ongoing care or rehabilitation that you require.

It is likely that your insurer will have recommended a solicitor to you, but it is important to understand that you are not obliged to go with their suggestion. You can appoint any solicitor you choose – although you should always check that they have experience in handling motorbike injury cases.

At Step Legal Solicitors, our personal injury team deal with claims on behalf of injured motorcyclists every day and with claims on behalf of families who have lost a loved one because of a fatal accident following a motorbike collision or pillion passenger accident. We are particularly experienced in dealing with head and brain injury claims and with claims for loss of limbs and amputations.

We can assist whether the accident occurred due to negligence on the part of another road user, as a result of dangerous driving or because of poor road conditions attributable to a lack of maintenance by the Highways Agency or local authority.

We offer a free telephone consultation to determine whether a claim may be possible and can usually work on a no win, no fee basis where we believe that compensation is due.

How we can help

Through the provision of expert legal advice and services, our team of dedicated personal injury specialists can help you to claim compensation for:

  • the pain and suffering your injury has caused;
  • the impact your injury has had on the quality of your life;
  • the cost of any medical treatment you require;
  • the cost of rehabilitation services and therapies;
  • the cost of any ongoing care that you need;
  • the cost of making home or vehicle adaptions;
  • the cost of buying mobility aids or specialist equipment; and
  • any financial losses or out of pocket expenses you have incurred.

We can also help you to recover compensation for damage to the motorcycle you were driving.

In the case of a fatal accident, we can help you to claim for:

  • your ongoing grief;
  • funeral costs;
  • medical bills incurred prior to death; and
  • the loss of any financial support your loved one provided.

Types of injury we can deal with

Given the breath of our experience, we can deal with claims for any type of injury, including:

  • serious head and spinal injuries;
  • severe nerve damage;
  • lower limb amputations;
  • broken bones;
  • whiplash; and
  • psychological injuries such as PTSD.

Compensation amount

The amount of compensation you receive will depend on a number of factors, including the severity of the injuries you have sustained, the impact they have had on your life, the relevance of any pre-accident medical problems, the likelihood of your condition improving and the prospects of you returning to work.

Compensation may range from a few thousand pounds for minor injuries to hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds for serious injuries from which you will never recover.

Time limits

You only have a limited amount of time in which to make a claim for personal injury compensation, so it is important that you seek legal advice without delay.

Usually the time limit is three years from the date on which the injury occurred. However, longer time limits may apply where you have lost mental capacity or you are making a claim on behalf of a loved one under the age of 18.

Why choose Step Legal Solicitors?

Our personal injury specialists deal with the victims of motorcycle accidents on a daily basis and understand what a traumatic experience being involved in a road traffic collision is, particularly where it means that life for you and your loved ones will never be the same again.

Our priority, first and foremost, is to ensure that you get access to any immediate medical treatment or rehabilitation services that you require in order to aid your recovery.

Next, we want to make sure that you are able to cope financially while your claim is being pursued by securing you an interim payment wherever possible. Put simply, this is a payment on account of the compensation you are likely to receive, paid to you in advance of your claim being finalised to help tide you over.

Finally, we want to ensure that you recover the maximum amount of compensation possible given the severity of the injuries you have sustained. Our ability to do this comes from over 40 years’ experience in handling personal injury claims and our commitment to excellent service levels, evidenced by our membership of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and The Law Society Personal Injury Accreditation Scheme.

We will be there to support you every step of the way and to ensure that you understand what is happening at every stage. We even offer a free Polish translation service for those who need it to make pursuing a claim with us as easy as possible.

And crucially, in the majority of cases we take on, we can act for you under a no win, no fee agreement which means that there will be no financial risk to you in pursuing a claim because if we fail to recover anything for you there will be no legal fees payable for our service.

You can find out more by reading our costs information factsheet.


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Personal injury claims explained

We understand that you may have a lot of questions about what is involved in making a claim for personal injury compensation. To help answer some of the most common questions we are asked, we have produced a frequently asked questions guide which we hope you find helpful.