Road Traffic Accident Claims

RTA success, turning £2,000 into £100,000

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Step Legal Solicitors manage to secure £100,000 for a road traffic accident victim told by another firm her case was only worth £2,000

It can be difficult to know who to turn to when you have suffered a personal injury and want to make a claim for compensation, but as a recent case handled by our serious car accident lawyer Abid Hussain shows it really pays to shop around and choose a firm with the experience and expertise to achieve the best possible result.

Details of accident

Our client was a young female driver in her early twenties who had been hit from behind by a large pick-up truck while she was in a queue of traffic waiting to enter a roundabout.  Her car was written off and the force of the crash threw her head back into the headrest causing serious physical injuries which left her suffering from seat belt bruising, persistent neck, shoulder and back pain, frequent headaches and insomnia, pins and needles and the intermittent loss of feeling in both legs and feet.

She was also extremely traumatised which led to her experiencing feelings of stress and anxiety and understandable nervousness at the thought of driving again.

As a result of her injuries she had to give up work as a dog handler and felt very low.  This was of serious concern given that prior to the accident she had had a mental breakdown and also had to contend with dyspraxia and being dyslexic.

Advice given by her first solicitor

The client initially approached a firm of solicitors recommended to her by a former boyfriend who had used them years earlier.  She went to see them confident that they could help but after several months of negotiating with the truck driver’s insurer – who admitted responsibility – all they managed to secure was an offer to pay her £2,000 which they suggested she accept.

Given the severity of her injuries and the devastating effect they had had on her life, the client found it difficult to believe that this was all her claim was worth and so came to us for a second opinion.

Our advice

 Upon reviewing her medical records, and commissioning further reports from experts on the likelihood of her ever making a full recovery, we concluded that the potential value of her claim was somewhere between £70,000 to £100,000.

The relief she felt was clear and led to her immediately ordering her previous solicitors to pass the matter over to us so we could begin the process of securing her the compensation she deserved.

Compensation amount

Through careful negotiation with the insurer we were able to achieve a revised offer of £75,000, which we considered carefully in light of the medical evidence we had obtained and our experience of dealing with similar cases.  Having done this, we concluded that we ought to push for a sum closer to the top end of our original estimate and we therefore advised the client to reject the offer and press for more.

The client agreed and through further careful negotiation we were ultimately able to secure a settlement payment of £100,000, which has taken a huge amount of pressure off the client and enabled her to focus on doing what she needs to do to have the best chance of making a good recovery.

The client is still receiving treatment at a spinal injuries and pain relief clinic and attends regular counselling sessions to help her cope with her anxiety but is now in a significantly better place than she was when she originally came to see us.

How the client feels now

The client is obviously delighted with the way things have turned out and a recent testimonial given by her father sums up why:

The service provided by Mr Hussain and the team at Step Legal was truly outstanding.  From putting us in touch with organisations to help with my daughter’s recovery to pushing hard to ensure she received the compensation she deserved, I never for one minute doubted that what mattered most was ensuring justice was done and that my daughter’s interests came first. Mr Hussain is a lawyer who really knows his stuff and I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending his services to anyone else who needs help with a personal injury claim.

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